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Quirkbot is a little character you can program.

It’s easy to make different shapes and forms: Funny Robots, Toys, Artworks and Much more! Use the included Strawbees construction set with

LEDs, Motors and Sensors to realize your own creations and ideas.


Quirkbot Robotic Creatures Kit has everything you need to get started with the Ultimate maker toy.

Perfect for beginners and schools thanks to the super easy programming, electronics with no soldering and Strawbees mechanics, that will get you started in minutes.


Made for Educators, Maker parents and kids of all ages (recommended for 8 years and up) Check out for latest info.

What is in the box

  • 1xQuirkbot Board: connects to electronics and Strawbees. 

  • 1xMotor Backpack: connects the Servo  to the Quirkbot. 

  • 1xServo Motor 120°: This motor can move 120 degrees. 

  • 1xSmall Strawbees pack: For building structures with drinking straws and cardboard. 

  • 1xStraws pack (50 straws): Flexible building material. 

  • 1xElectric Strawbee:

  • 1xUSB Cable: For charging and programming. 

  • 1xServo Extension Cable

  • 1x Plastic Component Box: To keep all the components tidy. 

  • 1xGuide Booklet: With clear pictures and text to get you started. 

  • 3x Light Sensor: Sensing light for fun interaction. 

  • 6xAlligator Clips: For Touch functions and many other things.  

  • 10x Dual Color LEDs: Lights with 2 colors that you can attach to the Quirkbot. 

  • Sticker

See Quirkbot in action!

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