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1st International Coding, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence Education Conference

The aim of conference is to provide a platform for international educational technology innovators, practitioners, and academians to share their experience and knowledge with teachers in K-12 and university students. This conference is held to raise awareness of the needs of educational technology as an integral part in education system and to identify best practices in the implementation of learning and teaching.

Topics of interest:

  1. Coding and Robotics in Preschool, Primary or Secondary Schools

  2.  Intergenerational Coding and Robotics

  3. Design Thinking

  4. Curriculum Design

  5. Research and application of AI in schools

  6. Entrepreneurship in schools

  7. Service Learning in schools

  8. Educational Games

  9. Integration of Mathematics and Information Technology in schools

Hour of Code in Hong Kong

Dr. Ray Cheung
Associate Professor,
EE, City University of Hong Kong

A new teaching practice using R programming to learn mathematics and AI

Dr. Kevin Kam Fung Yuen
Senior Lecturer in Analytics,
Singapore University of Social Sciences

STEM Education in HK Primary SchoolThis is Your Third Service

Dr. Daner Sun
The Education University of Hong Kong

STEM Education in HK Secondary School

Mr. Kam Wai Ming
Principal of SKH Bishop Hall Secondary School, Hong Kong

Improving primary students’ collaborative problem solving in science in a seamless learning environment

Dr. SONG Yanjie, Assistant Professor
The Education University of Hong Kong

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Building Sri Lanka’s Young Programmers, Bit by Bit

Mr. Prabhath Mannapperuma
micro:bit Sri Lanka User Group Founder, Sri Lanka

Soobi - Promoting Computing Science Education in rural areas

Professor Tzeng Jengnan
Associate Professor at National ChengChi University, Taiwan

Smart Nation education initiatives in Singapore

Mr. YJ Soon
Tinkercademy Founder and Director, Singapore

AI and Robotics importance to help students computational thinking STEM Education in HK Secondary School

Mr Hetav Sanghavi
Wonder Workshop Senior Education Director, USA

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